Generous Donation from Toyota Industries Group and Local Leaders Boosts Banks County High School Transportation Program

On Friday, April 12th, the school's transportation department welcomed the addition of three vehicles.

The vehicles were donated by professionals from TACG (Toyota-Denso Automotive Compressor Georgia) and TICA (Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America), part of the Toyota Industries Group. The donors included Ken Coco, General Manager; Dalton McNulty and Rashawn Blake, Supervisors; Brian Failyer, Assistant Manager; Yoshi Makita, Senior Office Assistant; and specialists Madoka Roberts and Penny Scott.

Established in 2004, TACG specializes in manufacturing automobile air conditioning compressors. TICA manufactures the component parts that TACG uses to build AC compressors.

Two of the three vehicles donated are drivable, and one will require hauling due to mechanical issues. Sandra Garrison and Bucky Garrison from Mack and Bucks Towing Company graciously provided their towing services free of charge to deliver vehicles to the high school.

Andrew Ford, the transportation instructor at Banks County High School, expressed his gratitude about the new additions to the program.

"These cars will be a valuable resource for our department," Ford stated.

Students in the automotive repair program will be able to work directly with these vehicles, learning valuable skills as they bring the non-operational car back to working order and maintain the others. This hands-on experience is crucial for students pursuing a career in automotive technology.