Banks County School System Celebrates Tina Barber's Achievement of the Philip Wright Award

Banks County, GA—In recognition of dedication and service, Banks County Schools proudly announces that Banks County Elementary School teacher Tina Barber is this year's recipient of the prestigious Philip Wright Award. Northeast Georgia's Pioneer RESA awards this honor annually to individuals who demonstrate a profound commitment to enhancing educational outcomes for students with disabilities.

The Philip Wright Award, named after Philip Wright, who left a legacy in special education, celebrates those who create lasting impacts through service, deep respect, unwavering commitment, and advocacy for children with special needs. Each regional education service agency district selects an individual that represents these virtues.

Tina's journey into education began with an initial pursuit of a psychology degree to become a school counselor. However, her path took a meaningful turn towards teaching, where she discovered a love for the profession. Tina's dedication to special education stems from her belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn and thrive.

Married to Charlton Barber, Tina is a devoted mother to four children and a grandmother to a grandson named Jackson. Her career in education, spanning over three decades, has been exclusively dedicated to serving the students of Banks County Schools as a special education teacher. Tina's approach to teaching, characterized by patience, innovation, and the belief in every student's potential, has left a lasting mark on her students and colleagues.

Special Education Director Nancy Bentley praises Tina's contributions: "Tina has been a treasure to our students. She loves them just as they are, helping them become their best. She believes in their future, and her impact is a testament to the transformative power of hope and belief in our students' abilities."

Nancy Bentley summarizes Tina's career, quoting Magic Johnson: "All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them."

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