11 Alive News and GBI Visit Banks County High School

Banks County High School recently took center stage as it welcomed 11 Alive News for an exclusive feature highlighting the school's heavily sought-after Forensic Course, led by instructor Mr. Dean Goodwin. The event, coordinated by Banks County Coroner Mark Savage in collaboration with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI), provided a platform for showcasing the world of forensic science.

Dr. Laura Geller, the GBI's accomplished Medical Examiner, and her associates took the opportunity to shed light on the importance of recruiting students into the field. Dr. Geller emphasized the significance of encouraging females to pursue careers in forensic science, providing valuable insights into the day-to-day life of a medical examiner. The presentation also offered a behind-the-scenes look at this crucial aspect of forensic science.

During the event, BCHS student Emma Williams was interviewed by 11-Alive News reporter Molly Oak. Emma expressed her enthusiasm and aspirations towards building a career in forensics, reflecting the impact of the school's Forensic Course.

The success of this enlightening event is attributed to the efforts of Banks County's Coroner, Mr. Mark Savage, who played a pivotal role in its organization. Banks County High School takes pride in offering a diverse range of STEM courses, with the Forensic Course standing out as a key contributor in providing students with a solid foundation in this field.

Other key people attending the event included Nellie Miles (GBI Public and Governmental Affairs Director) and members of the GBI team.

The GBI is actively recruiting high school students, exemplified by their encouragement of individuals like Emma Williams to become future leaders in the field of forensics.

Viewers can watch the story on the official YouTube channel of Banks County High School and the channels of 11 Alive News.


GBI Visits Banks County High School