Terry Allen Rejoins the Leopard Family

As students arrive each morning, teachers and staff members are in the hallways to greet students, but this Spring semester, one more faculty member has joined the team, Mr. Terry Allen.

Allen is no stranger to the Leopard Family, graduating in 1986 from Banks County High School and quickly entering into football fame with his dominating presence at Clemson. Allen continued that same dynamic in the NFL, returning to the Banks County Community in the business world, and now begins his career as part of the BCHS staff as a Graduation Coach.

Allen is excited to rejoin Banks County and eager to play a part in the lives of the students at Banks, on and off the field.

The last time Allen was a part of the BC family, he was a student and a highly recruited D1 athlete, and now he is a faculty member, and what he has seen from the faculty has been exceptional.

“The educators at this school are so involved in student success. If I am working with a struggling student, their academic teacher already has a plan in place. They truly care about every student in this school. My past coaches played a huge role in my life, and I think we can all play a role in where our kids end up after high school, whether in college playing a sport, just being a college student, or entering the workforce”, he stated.

Allen has been busy working with students this semester, especially seniors. The experience has been more than rewarding for Allen. He states he believes he is “getting more out of this than the kids. It is a reward to see them succeed with the little things”.

His goal is to coach far beyond the field.

“When working with students, it is important that they know they have a safe place to land. I was the student that didn’t have a pencil in class because I often did not have the resources necessary, and I have been in some of their shoes. I didn’t apply myself as I should when I was a student at BCHS, but we can get students to understand that what they are learning in high school will give them the skills they need to stay ahead of the game for their future”.

“I want these students to realize that even though my name is on the field house, it symbolizes that every one of these students can also have a dream. I have failed many times in life, but I have also succeeded. Playing NFL football was a great dream, but there is so much more to life, and showing our students that becoming successful in life is so much more important. Every student matters, and they have the potential to change the world”.

Allen will also help on the football field next year as a Running Back Coach and Recruiting Coordinator with Coach Jay Reid.

“Reid is definitely on the right track with these kids. He has established a great relationship with the players. What he is teaching them will help them in life, which is ultimately important. He has a strong program in place”, said Allen.

Principal Mike Brown added that Allen has been such a fantastic element to the school. “He is working with students every day, pushing and pulling, and doing everything it takes to help our students.”

Banks County High School will host graduation on May 26th, and the football program will host its first official game of the 2023 season on August 18th at Johnson High School.

Credit to XenaMarie Photography at https://www.xenamariephotography.com