February is CTAE Month!

CTAE directly prepares students for high-wage, high-demand professions by educating them about and for careers. The programs cover various fields, including health care, audio & visual technology, marketing, finance, and many more.
“The mission of CTAE is to educate Georgia’s future workforce by engaging students in experiences that will prepare them for workplace success,” The Georgia Department of Education states. “Through CTAE, students see the relevance of their high school efforts to their future career goals.”
The curriculum prepares Georgia’s students for their future, whether college, beginning a career, registered apprenticeships, or the military. Each Program Concentration has Career Pathways with three or four specialized courses developed to provide students with rigorous core elements, performance standards, and skills necessary after high school graduation. With over 130 pathways, students can select a series of courses to complete based on their interests.
Banks County Middle and High School offer our students many courses and programs. Reach out to one of our CTAE teachers or contact the schools for more information!