Download the School News App

Dear Banks County, 

We are excited to offer you an option to use the School News app by Edlio, an activity feed for consuming alerts, news, and events for participating schools and the Banks County School district. It’s a simple way to view the school’s news feeds and calendars and receive push notifications directly from us. 

It’s free to download to your iOS or Android phone and quick to set up:

1. Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for “School News by Edlio” to install. It will appear with this logo:

                                                                          School News Logo
2. Open the app and search for Banks County District  tap “Add .” Add them to the app if you have students in 
    other schools. Be sure to include all the schools that you would like to receive information from.
3. Enable push notifications by going to the Alerts tab and tapping “Enable Notifications.”

All the news and events posted on the website are easy to access. You can also add multiple schools to gather all information, events, and alerts in this app. We’ll send push notifications out to keep you updated on urgent news.


Banks County Schools