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Banks County School System has a No Homework Provision. This provision was implemented for many reasons:


Research indicates that the majority of homework assignments are at a low level of rigor and tend to be busy work allowing for minimal to no high-quality, specific teacher feedback.  This type of feedback from the teacher is crucial in helping students to improve and achieve.


Many students do not have a support system in the home to assist with traditional homework assignments.


Repetition does not equate to rigor. We work to ensure the rigor of instruction in the classroom is at a high level and is in an environment where students have the support needed with opportunities for teachers to provide the specific feedback that facilitates student growth and achievement. Research dictates that this practice in the classroom has a much greater positive impact on student achievement than homework. 


Studies show that burdening students and families with homework often leads to an increase in stress, anxiety and depression. Maximizing classroom instruction and eliminating the need for homework enables learners to have quality time with families, friends, and to be involved in extracurriculars. Participating in these activities is crucial in the overall well-being and development of children. 


Students are often unable to complete homework assignments due to unreliable/no Internet capacity in our area.


If you feel your child needs additional practice, resources, remediation, or enrichment opportunities/assignments, please contact your child’s teacher to ask for these specifically.